How To Use Twitter To Grow Your Business

Are you tired of trying to learn Twitter on your own and wish there was a quick and easy guide to help?

Well, now there is. I know you are busy with your business. You have stuff to do. You don’t want to spend hours figuring out how to tweet and get more twitter followers. But you’ve heard so many great things about how Twitter can help your business that you have to find out how.
Maybe you have already signed up for Twitter and are wondering, now what? Or maybe you just don’t know where to start.

It’s overwhelming.

I get it. I’ve been there and I have spent hours and hours learning the right way to use Twitter – what works and what doesn’t. Strategies that can help your business find new clients and customers.  I’ve spent so much time learning all this, it has made me cranky.  I want to save you from that same fate.
I’m sharing all the strategies, tips and tricks with you in a 51-page, easy-to-read, step-by-step guide. There are lots of very long books out there. I know because I have read them and condensed everything into a quick, exactly-what-you-need-to-know guide.

Help is here.

You need to be able to understand the fundamentals of how Twitter works before you can run.

  • Why use Twitter for business?
  • How do I get signed up and what pitfalls do I avoid?
  • What are all these different screens on the Twitter web interface?

You will know the answers to all these questions by page 14. Everything is covered quickly and thoroughly with screenshots. You don’t have to go to website after website trying to get the best advice – it’s all here in one book.

More things you will learn

This isn’t just some namby-pamby book about how to get signed up. There’s lots of in-depth strategy.

  • How to build an engaged Twitter following that will buy from you and spread the word about your business.
  • What are the best practices that will help you play by the “unwritten” rules
  • The best Twitter tools to help you connect with the people you want, streamline your Twitter experience and keep you from wasting hours of time on Twitter
  • How to effectively use Twitter Lists
  • Twitter tracking tools to make sure you are getting a return on your investment of time
  • How to create buzz with Twitter for an event you are hosting
  • How to create your Twitter strategy
  • Automating Twitter so it works for you even when you are doing other things

Now this book is mostly written by my “granddaughter”, Andrea. She knows her stuff.  But I chime in with my words of wisdom to spice things up a bit.  I can’t resist adding my 2 cents.
Quit your yammering, Grandma, and just let me order the book already. Add to Cart

This is the book that I wish was around when I was starting to learn Twitter.

I will show you how to find new clients and customers using Twitter and the right way to engage them.
After reading this book you will know why, how, when and how much to use Twitter so that you can grow your business. Stop banging your head against the wall and learn how to really leverage Twitter.


Kathleen O'ConnorEven though I’ve been on Twitter for over a year now, I learned a lot of new stuff reading this! Even intermediate users could get a lot out of the second half of this book! The screenshots are extremely helpful. All the features are explained in detail.
Kathleen O’Connor,
O’Copy -  a web copywriting service for businesses that want to further their online reach with content marketing

Dawn KotzerYour book was the perfect sized ‘meal deal.’ It was easy enough to digest but comprehensive enough to give me an overall feeling of  satisfaction. “Hey, I get this. Even though I’m not big into Twitter I  can make this work for me.”
Dawn Kotzer, Personal Life Coaching –

Lisa Wood“This is the perfect guide for anyone who wants to get started on Twitter but doesn’t know where to begin. It’s packed with actionable information, screenshots, and valuable insider tips. A terrific resource!”
“Lisa Wood helps take the fear out of online marketing. She creates custom websites and blogs using Thesis for WordPress, and helps people get comfortable with social media by introducing them to the tools and gently guiding them along the way.” –

How much are we talking here?

That’s where this gets really good.  Right now, the price is $24.  I’m not going to break that down into lattes like everyone likes to do these days, but your business is worth it.  And you deserve to get this finally figured out.  Just click the link below to check out.  Do it now while you are thinking about it.
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I am also offering a discount if you also buy my How to Use Facebook To Grow Your Business at the same time.  You can purchase both books for $40.  You will have the chance to add the Facebook book to your cart when you check out.

There’s no risk

Test drive this book for 30 days.
I think that you will find that information is solid, the screenshots help get you exactly where you need to go and the strategy is effective.
If you don’t agree, I will refund your money, no questions asked.

To Your Success,
Grandma Mary…and Andrea :)

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