Facebook Tutorial

Step-by-step Facebook Tutorial

Many of you are looking for a step-by-step getting started guide on Facebook.  So I’ve taken my tutorials and organized them in a better fashion.  Go through and see what you are looking for, you may need some things and not others.  Take a look at these to get started and then if you really want to go in-depth, you may want to get my book How to Use Facebook to Grow Your Business.How to Use Facebook to Grow Your Business

Step 1 – Why Use a Facebook Fan Page for Business?

This is a good overview of why you need a Facebook Fan Page.

Step 2 – Creating a Facebook Page

In this video, I show you how to get your Business Page started and how it’s connected to your Personal Profile.  Don’t worry, that’s normal – no one can see your personal stuff from your Page.   Here’s the link to create your page www.Facebook.com/pages/create.php.


Step 3 – Navigating the New Facebook Page dashboard

The Facebook Page dashboard is an important area to get familiar with.  It will show your stats, your settings and it’s where you can add Applications to make your Page all fancy-schmancy.

Step 4 – Liking and Commenting on Other Pages as Your Page

Now, you can Like another Page as your Facebook Page and comment on their Page as your Page. And Like a comment on a Page as your Page. So much Liking to do and so little time!  But why is it good to Like another Page as your Page?  Watch the tutorial to find out.

Step 5 – Facebook Fan Page Wall Setting

Here’s a setting you want to make sure you change so that you are seeing all your fan’s wall postings.

Step 6 – How to Import your RSS feed into your Facebook Wall

Here’s a nice little Facebook tutorial on how you can import your Blog RSS feed directly into your Facebook Wall. Whenever you have a new Blog post, it will automatically appear on your wall and on the walls of your Fans. So handy. I used to recommend the Facebook Notes Feature to do this but that got buggy and annoying.

So now I recommend using the Networked Blogs application. You can either import your RSS feed into your Fan Page or your User account. You can go directly to the application here: Networked Blogs. Post a comment if you have trouble, I had some issues getting it set up also.

Step 7 – How to Get a Custom Facebook URL

Once you have 25 Fans or “Likers” you can get a custom URL to make your page easier to remember and use.  But be careful!! Watch the video to see how to set it for your page and not for your personal profile.  You can’t change it later.  Set your URL at http://www.Facebook.com/username

General Facebook Tips and Tricks

Here are a few videos on tips and tricks in Facebook that will help you use it.

Facebook Hide Feature:

Facebook Privacy Settings:

Facebook Faux Pas with the Wall – what can people see on your wall?

Why you might be missing Facebook updates – a sneaky setting to change.

Facebook News Feed vs. Live Feed
Facebook has done it again. Don’t they know we don’t like change? It’s very upsetting. But since they have gone ahead and done it, here are the details on what has changed in my handy video. You need to know the difference between the Live Feed and the News Feed. If you are looking at the News Feed all the time, you may be missing updates! Friend lists are much more important now that they have added the Live Feed and News feed. I will show you how to create friend lists in this video. Watch it quickly before Facebook changes again!

How to Use Facebook to Grow Your Business

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  • http://FamilyAncesTrees.com Merry

    Hi Grandma!
    I just found you, and your tutorials are so helpful! I am new to Facebook, and feeling phobic about it. Maybe you can help. I do not want to use Facebook personally, just to promote my FamilyAncesTree, and I don’t have a lot of time to spend conversing. I have so many questions about how to use Facebook. I just can’t seem to “get” it!!!!
    -I have a Fan Page, but I don’t know how to bring Fans in. Where do I get Fans? What is the procedure and protocol?
    -I have 2 discussion boards onto which I have (slowly) been adding short messages on where to go for free or beginner’s help with genealogy. Is that the way to channel the conversations?
    -I don’t understand the use of applications, or finding and interacting with related groups.

    I love your tutorials! Hope you can help. Thanks,

  • http://www.GrandmaMaryShow.com GrandmaMary

    Hi Merry! Thanks for your comment! I know Facebook can be overwhelming! That’s how I got so cranky LOL. I couldn’t find your Fan Page to take a look and maybe you can provide a link.

    I would have the messages on where to go for free or beginner’s help right on your Wall – then all your fans will receive those messages in their news feed. They can then comment or get those helpful hints and create a discussion there. The more interaction you can create on your wall, the more viral your page will be and the more fans you can get.

    You may benefit from my e-book I just released – How to Use Facebook to Grow Your Business <–click on the link to see more. It’s only $17 and I really lay everything out in a step-by-step fashion including how to use Applications and how to get more fans!

  • http://FamilyAncesTrees.com Merry

    See, I told you! I only just found your reply. Sorry. Thank you for replying. I still don’t really know what I’m doing. I’d like to feel comfortable using my FanPage, but I don’t. Thanks for your comment on using my Wall. I’m thinking you mean my FanPage Wall and not my Personal Wall.
    Thanks so much!

    My FanPage link-

  • http://www.GrandmaMaryShow.com GrandmaMary

    Hi Merry! Thanks for finding my reply! I saw you bought my How to Use Facebook to Grow Your Business book and I think that will help sort things through for you! Let me know if you have any questions – love your website and your fan page, I think you are off to a good start!

  • http://www.timmalone.net/blog Tim Malone

    Grandma Mary your tutorials just shot to the top of my list. This new organization is great and now all in one place. Thanks for all the info and for not skipping steps inbetween. I highly recommend these videos to everyone I know who needs help getting started, as well as, those who just need to fill in the gaps.

  • http://www.hairregrowth2u.com Dui Yeap

    how to create a facebook page like http://www.facebook.com/toyota ?

  • http://www.GrandmaMaryShow.com GrandmaMary

    Hi Dui! Thanks for the question. The Toyota page is good-looking isn’t it? They have created a special Welcome Page or Landing page with the Static FBML application. I have a basic tutorial on it here: http://grandmamaryshow.com/facebook/facebook-static-fbml-101 Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any more questions!

  • http://www.justwordpress.net justwordpress

    Hi Grandma Mary,
    this is indeed a nice compilation of video tutorials on how to set up your business on facebook… but how about some more advanced techniques? like creating your own application? are there any resources for that?


  • http://www.GrandmaMaryShow.com GrandmaMary

    Hi Justwordpress -
    Thanks for stopping by! Yes, there are lots of resources out there for creating your own application. My favorite place is the forum for Developers on the Facebook site – you can access that here: http://developers.facebook.com/ Lots of good stuff there.
    Good luck!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_B7JV662BNTL45R6CBJS6TSOQEM Rupesh

    Here you find some good pdf for free for facebook application. http://www.toofle.com/readon.php

  • http://training-dogs.com Rosana

    Just went through these and made a bunch of changes. Very useful, thanks!

    I have friends in all sorts of categories and so I just made lists for several of them. That was really helpful, because now when I catch up my head won’t be spinning from Mexico to family to Colorado to internet marketing to old friends all on the same page!

  • http://www.GrandmaMaryShow.com Grandma Mary

    That’s great Rosana! Yes, friends lists are a must! Thanks for saying hello!

  • http://www.kathyconde.com Kathy Conde

    So helpful. Thanks!

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  • Davit79

    wao thanks you post video tutorial facebook

  • Professionalcounsellingline


  • http://www.GrandmaMaryShow.com Grandma Mary

    You are so welcome! Glad to help!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Barbara-R-Langdon/771158339 Barbara R. Langdon

    Mary, you saved me a lot of tears and frustration. I would not have my Facebook business begun and already linked to my web site on the first day if it had not been for little ole you, deary!

  • http://www.GrandmaMaryShow.com Grandma Mary

    Thank you Barbara! You have made my day :)

  • Anonymous

    I am a big time SEO guy with many pages, but I confess that Facebook is a mystery.  I totally misunderstood the thing. So, I set about to get in a little FB100 and landed here. You have done an absolutely FANTASTIC JOB!  I can see that I will need to go back thru your course more than once, as FB is still a bit boggly.

    But I know enough to know that I need to know.

    You have turned me away from the road to confusion and set me on the right path! Hurrah and a tip of my hat to Grandmaw Mary! Wow!!!!

  • Francisca Zonjee

    Hello Mary, I have 1 question. I have already 22 likes, but I don’t see at the left side the persons who likes my page. I don’t see their images. I read step 4, but I don’t understand how te do it.
    Can you help me?

  • http://www.GrandmaMaryShow.com Grandma Mary

    Hi Francisca – yes it’s changed now!  Just like Facebook always does.  Now you have to go up to the top notification area and click on the the little person image.  Or you can click the hyperlink below the number of likes to see who likes the page.  You do have to be logged in as your page now to see it. 

  • 1boost4you

    You’re incredible, girlpowerrrr! Thanks a lot!

  • Char

    I haven’t  viewed all the tutorials yet, so maybe my question is answered in one of them.  Once I create a personal profile, can I create multiple fan pages for different topics?

  • http://www.GrandmaMaryShow.com Grandma Mary

    You definitely can Char!  There isn’t a limit to how many Pages you can create!  Thanks for stopping by!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1467790149 Lakeithia Terry

    Grandma Mary…
    How do I get the facebook icon to appear on my organizations website. Do I need to understand program writing….I’ve searched for weeks…and can’t seem to figure it out

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1467790149 Lakeithia Terry

    I’m trying to add the facebook icon to my organizations personal web page…how do I do that…

  • http://www.GrandmaMaryShow.com Grandma Mary

    Hi Lakeithia – What you need to do is find a Facebook icon you would like to use – it’s just a jpeg image. I recommend http://www.Iconfinder.com. Then copy that image and put that image as a clickable image on your website.

    Here’s a short guide on how that works: Many times you may want to have an image that is linked, so that if someone clicks the image, the person will be taken to another page. This is rather simple- you just need to place the IMG tag within the A HREF tags.

    a href=”location_of_link” **you will need to put the around the whole a href statement because I was having difficulty showing the exact form of the statement showing up in the comments. Here’s a good link to show you: http://www.davesite.com/webstation/html/chap04.shtml

    so this code would look like this: a href=”http://www.facebook.com/yourpagelinkhere” where you put the exact URL of your facebook fan page and the exact location of where you have stored the Facebook icon on your site as the jpeg. Hope that helps!!

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  • Anonymous

    I had my page hacked: http://www.facebook.com/pages/I-Love-Westlife/125139534260546 can you help me Mary please?

  • http://www.GrandmaMaryShow.com Grandma Mary

    Looks like your Page is doing ok – if your account was hacked, I can’t help you other than point you to Facebook – they will have to restore it. Good luck!!

  • isabel
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